The Conway Time-Finder (Work Sampling kit with Random Timer)

Get an accurate indication of what work is really being done!

The Conway Time-Finder enables people to easily sample and learn about their work and how they spend their time. It's a highly participative process that allows individuals to record their own work, letting them collect the data that will be used to make their work and everyone else's more useful and rewarding.

The Conway Time-Finder contains a random timer (that helps eliminate bias during data collection), an instruction booklet to show you how to set up a work study, and a package of handy forms to help record your observations.

Successful organizations constantly analyze work and re-engineer work processes so that they can evaluate the work being performed and its value. What adds value today may not add value tomorrow: customer requirements, technologies, and methods are perpetually changing. Using the Conway Time-Finder is an accurate and proactive way to find out how time is being spent.
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