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The Waves of Change — Video CD

We asked Bill Conway to reflect on the hundreds of companies he worked with in the more than 20 years since he founded Conway Management Company.

We challenged him to uncover the secret to the successes of some, and really think about why so many of the others failed or never really achieved the greatness they were capable of achieving.

Bill's passion for what works and what needs to be done is evident in this CD. Bill's firmness of conviction is as clear as his message — if you don't do these things, nothing will happen! His message is clear, concise, and could really change your business forever!

This CD is approximately 20 minutes in length, and would be a great addition to your training media collection. You can use it for meetings to get efforts sparked, and you can even send it to your customers and suppliers to get them "on board" with your improvement efforts.

This is your chance to share the words of Bill Conway, words that have defined him as he has made his mark on the world of quality, improvement, and business excellence.
Waves of Change
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