Most teams need help to develop the skills required to execute projects effectively.
  Many activities are best accomplished by using a team. Developing a common understanding about what makes teams successful and guiding the team through its initial launch greatly enhances the team’s likelihood of success and minimizes wasted time and frustration. The Eliminating Waste Through Teams Workshop will help your teams be more successful — delivering expected results in a timely manner.
  In Eliminating Waste Through Teams, typical topics include:
  • what makes an effective team
  • team roles and responsibilities
  • how to appreciate differences in personality styles
  • how to develop and use ground rules
  • how to develop a good team charter and problem statement
  • how to use the Conway 8-step model for problem solving and process improvement
  • problem analysis using the simple tools
  • imagineering and principles of process redesign
  • effective decision making methods
  • how to assess and improve teamwork effectiveness
  • how to develop a project plan for implementation
  • the keys to effective communication and managing conflict
  • how to manage meetings
  This workshop is highly experiential, with over half the time spent working on actual
projects which were assigned to the teams.

At the conclusion of this training, the teams will have a clear path to implementing
solutions to the problems that were assigned to them.

We often recommend dividing the workshop into 2 segments, several weeks apart. This interval gives participants time to gather and analyze data, practice the skills learned and identify barriers to progress.

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