At least 50% of improvement is working on the right things. Organizations that are able to engage people in making good, fact-based decisions about what to work on and then execute with laser focus reap huge gains. An opportunity search is key.

That means that we must identify and act upon the opportunities for improvement that will potentially yield the greatest results. This implies that those opportunities not selected are clearly inferior — but this might not always be the case.

Either way, most organizations need help to determine the best course of action to take whether some options are better than others or when all of the options are good. Should we work on all of them? If not, then how many?

The Identify & Quantify the Waste Workshop helps you identify and quantify the biggest opportunities, set priorities, and develop an action plan for improvement. It shares a straightforward methodology and tools for selecting the right things to work on from a range of options, even when they are all good.
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