The most successful organizations establish an infrastructure to maintain focus, monitor progress and maintain momentum until continuous improvement (CI) becomes a way of life.

When organizations start anything which will affect almost everyone, it helps to have a Steering Committee of senior leaders to provide energy and leadership, keep focus and monitor progress. So it is with Continuous Improvement.

But infrastructure does not mean bureaucracy!
The key is to provide the structure for focus and organizational visibility, but to be nimble and lean to respond quickly to organizational needs.

We help you decide on the right structure for your organization, including roles & responsibilities, resources needed and how best to operate.

We have found that these components are essential for long term success:
  • CI Steering Committee
  • a corporate CI Champion
      Region or Plant
  • CI Steering Committee at each region or plant
  • a CI Coordinator at each region or plant
  • facilitators available at each region or plant
      Statistically, most CI initiatives fail. Many never truly get started, and many more are abandoned mid-term. However, with proper guidance you can emerge as a true leader in your marketplace and reap the ongoing and significant benefits associated with a culture of continuous improvement.

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