“Many people regard execution as detail work that's beneath the dignity of a business leader.
That's wrong. To the contrary, it'sa leader's most important job.”
  — Larry Bossidy, Former CEO of Honeywell International
  If you truly want to achieve maximum results from your improvement effort, our seasoned consultants can help you with every aspect of implementing and sustaining a plan.

Even when people excel at identifying major opportunities for improvement, if they don’t execute, they don’t make gains. In our work with hundreds of organizations, we have observed that the most successful are outstanding at execution.

Leveraging our experience and acquired knowledge, we have developed methods for accelerating cycle time and getting the job done. We’ll help you in a number of key areas, including:
  • Helping senior leaders to more efficiently become actively involved
  • Identifying and making prudent use of prioritization tools
  • Organizational support for structure and reporting
  • Engaging your workforce
  • Setting expectations and consequences — both positive and negative
  • Identifying clear project plans for delivering results, including measures and milestones
  • Protocols for monitoring progress on a timely basis
  • Corrective action models (not punitive) when results are sub-par
  • Techniques for articulating and communicating accomplishments
  • Strategic actions to lock in the gains

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