Time after time, our customers have enjoyed significant and sustainable results from adopting our approach, with the payback ranging between 4: 1 and 10: 1 in the first year alone. Here are some examples of how we have helped a cross-section of our customers:

  • a large dairy products company reduced costs by $20 million in 3 years
  • a regional poultry processor increased profitability by $5 million in 2 years using process redesign
  • in 6 months, an engineering company reduced overdue receivables by $6 million and cut costs of purchased materials by $1 million
  • a packaged goods company reduced changeover time by 30% leading to a 20% increase in capacity with no capital expenditure. Profit improvement was over $7 million per year.
  • an automotive parts company reduced the cycle time to develop new products by 40%
  • a specialty chemicals distributor reduced invoice errors by 30% in 3 months
  • a major distributor of electrical and communications equipment improved profits by almost $4 million in 2 years
  • an international specialty food distributor increased sales volume by 15% in 6 months
  • a multi-billion dollar global information services company saved several million dollars in a single part of the company
  • a leading bakery improved bottom line results by over $10 million in 2 years
  • a financial services company doubled transaction volumes with no increase in staff
  • a large supermarket chain added more than $20 million per year to its annual profit
  • a large international oil exploration and production company decreased the number of "dry holes" and increased production of premium crude
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