Identifying Opportunities for Improvement — Objectivity & Results
  In organizations of all types and sizes, significant opportunities for improvement lie buried just beneath the surface, invisible to those who are so close to the work it is hard for them to ask the hard questions or see the possibilities.
But before embarking on a significant change effort, it helps to identify barriers and to know and understand:
  • strengths to build on
  • obstacles or barriers that may get in the way or slow progress
  • capability and mindset (readiness) of the people involved
Conway Management Assessments and Surveys help establish the baseline measurements and provide indications of progress throughout your improvement effort.
Process for a Valuable & Fresh Perspective
We bring experience, creativity, and objectivity to each Assessment. More importantly, you’ll receive new perspectives on the best places to focus your resources, as we’ll find the opportunities that may otherwise lie buried for years in day-to-day operations.
Additional Assessment Options
To complete your objective search for the status-quo and opportunities for improvement, you might also consider rounding-out your assessment effort by determining what your employees think and feel, as well as what your customers think about your organization:
Important Decisions
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