Surveying your customers and employees will put you in the best position to make the best decisions. By gathering critical knowledge about what your employees and customers really think and how they feel about your organization, you can identify the true status-quo and the best areas on which to focus your improvement effort.

Conway Management survey results include recommendations for action and intervention and provide the insight that is often in short supply. This insight will give you a clear perspective as to where and how to make changes.
Gallup 2007 survey results
    Employee Opinion Surveys
  Maximize the Productivity of Your Organization’s Most Unique Assets
  Engaged employees have been shown to provide better customer service, work more productively and generate higher profits for their employers.

Conway Employee Opinion Surveys
provide the scientific data you’ll need to measure employee engagement levels, perceptions and misunderstandings. You can also judge the effect of intervention and change by surveying employees both before and after changes have taken place.
  • An accurate picture of current reality with respect to employee engagement
  • Facts and data by which to measure the impact of changes
  • An understanding of employee concerns and the magnitude of those concerns
  • A relative ranking as to how your results compare to the “best” companies
    External Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  Competitive success hinges on the ability to anticipate and exceed customer needs. Conway External Customer Satisfaction Surveys measure the perceived quality of your products and services from the standpoint of your customers and the market — what your customers think about your organization, its products/services, and the service level provided.

In addition, these surveys will help you incorporate the voice of your customers into decision-making processes, identify potential barriers to improvement or other strategies and provides guidance as to areas that are most in need of improvement.
  • See your organization through the eyes of the customer and incorporate the voice of the customer into decision-making
  • Measure customer satisfaction and be able to impact customer retention
  • Identify actions with the most leverage to improve customer satisfaction
  • Anticipate customer service problems before they damage your customer relationship
    360° Leadership Development Surveys
  Strong leaders welcome and benefit from 360° feedback, recognizing that there is often a gap between what they think they say or do, and what they actually say or do.

Using L4 Self and Other Leadership Style Assessments, we help leaders at all levels gather valuable feedback from peers, superiors and team members — feedback that sheds light on the effectiveness and implications of leadership style, communication and behavior. Equally as important, these surveys also provide unique insight into the specific changes that can increase effectiveness.
  • Improve leader awareness and perception by providing feedback from several areas of the organization to give leaders a better picture of themselves
  • Use the L4 Self and the L4 Other Leadership Style Assessments to identify leadership strengths and improvement areas
  • Help develop stronger leaders with better employee relationships
  • Learn to use the Leadership 4 System as a diagnostic tool for increasing managerial effectiveness
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