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  Our Education and Training sessions are designed to help organizations think differently about their work, become more productive, use their resources (time, energy, talent and money) more wisely and increase their competitive edge. Our programs are delivered by expert associates who provide a unique combination of:
  • Assessment
  • Education and training
  • Coaching
  • Innovation
  Each session is dynamic, interactive and customized to suit your particular requirements and goals; and each involves a range of training methods—experiential, discussion, examples, lecture, hands on experiences and case studies.

Much of our education and training can also be provided on a just-in-time basis, allowing participants to apply what they have learned to specific projects or areas where they are working before moving forward.

Our experience is that most organizations have gaps in their ability to search for and identify waste and opportunities for improvement, and to systematically take advantage of those opportunities. They also suffer from dynsfunctional teams. That’s why we offer both workshops and coaching—to help you:
  • get more rapid buy-in from people at all levels,
  • learn the skills and methods to be successful, and
  • put that knowledge into practice.
Our most popular offerings, presented in customized style, are:
  Please call us to discuss your customized training needs.
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