“At least 50% of continuous improvement is working on the right things.” Organizations that are able to engage people in making good, data-based decisions about what to work on, and then execute with laser focus reap huge gains. Inclusion is an important principle for gaining support and alignment. Creating the environment and building the skills and to do that are critical elements of a successful effort.

The Identify & Quantify the Waste Workshop provides a framework to identify and quantify the biggest opportunities, set priorities and develop an action plan for improvement. This plan will often identify critical projects that encompass the entire business.

Prior to the workshop, we develop a company-specific questionnaire to help you identify areas of waste, many of which may have previously gone unnoticed. The answers to the questions require historical financial and operational data on most aspects of the business.

Once the questionnaire is complete, we review this information with you and help you pinpoint those areas with the greatest potential.

Typical workshop topics include:
  • Review of the questionnaire and answers to show people where the waste is
  • Identifying and quantifying major areas of waste
  • Developing guidelines to help you decide which areas to attack first
  • Agreement on the top 4 – 6 projects
  • Defining the scope of work, what results can be expected and by when and who will be involved
  Please contact us for more information or to discuss how the Identify and Quantify the Waste Workshop can help you start “working on the right things”.
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