Organizations with highly engaged employees consistently outperform
those with less engaged people:
  • 50% higher profits
  • 43% higher productivity
  • 87% less turnover
  • 7 times less likely to have a lost-time
  • Increased customer loyalty and customer satisfaction
If we agree that we want our employees to be engaged, we need to ask,
  “What is Engagement? What does it look like? How do we build it?”
  At Conway Management, we believe that engagement means having an emotional attachment to work. People are willing to go “the extra mile”. They don’t come to work strictly for a pay check or a promotion. They feel that they are part of something bigger, working on behalf of the organization and its goals. They value what they do and feel valued for their contributions. Engagement is not the same as job satisfaction or happiness!
Conway Management is certified as an engagement practitioner (CEP) by Enterprise Engagement Alliance,  a coalition dedicated to the concept that engagement is an enterprise-wide endeavor that ends with profitability.  Our approach incorporates extensive research conducted by the Alliance as well as decades of first-hand experience helping organizations of all types achieve greater levels of productivity and engagement. We can help you design a customized process for building engagement within your organization. 
The paradigm shift is that Productivity and Engagement are linked, but not in the way most people think….
You do not get increased productivity by increasing engagement…rather, by increasing employee productivity, you get increased engagement — and that engagement, in turn, increases productivity and other positive and measurable results.
Engaging your workforce sounds easy, but is difficult to do. Call us for more Information.
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