Team Waste Chasers — The Guide To Building And Sustaining High Performing Teams

Chartering and deploying effective project teams is one of the most important and most difficult achievements for any organization. High performing teams, by their nature, work on the right things — those that matter to the organization. Effectively performing teams help organizations to compete in a rapidly changing world.

Topics include:
  • Building high performing teams: understanding tasks and interpersonal skills, developing team mission and plan, clarifying roles and responsibilities and determining team charter
  • Using prioritization tools to identify and select the right things to work on and determine the proper scope
  • Working with sponsors
  • Ways to make good decisions and doing a valid cost/benefit analysis, determining measures,
  • Team options for working on the problem/opportunity: blitzing, focused attack team, short-term part time teams, and dedicated full time teams — all methods of attacking the waste
  • Measuring team performance: setting up project and process checks, assessing performance, frequency of checks and corrective actions to take

Team Waste Chasers
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