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Train The Trainer

  Many consulting organizations try to maintain their revenues by making sure that you never have all that you need to be successful. We are different!

One of our guiding principles is to transfer skills to you, especially in areas where you have recurring activity, e.g., training in the basic concepts of continuous improvement, project teams, meetings.

To accomplish this, we offer a wide variety of Train-The-Trainer workshops, all tailored to meet your needs and long-term objectives. Typical areas of focus include:
  • The Right Way To Manage System
  • Opportunity search
  • Project selection
  • Problem solving and process improvement
  • Effective teamwork
  • Managing meetings
  • Continuous improvement tools
  To simplify scheduling, avoid information overload and eliminate half-life syndrome — i.e., unless the training is used within a week or so, half of it is forgotten forever — this training is provided in a series of one-to-two day sessions, spaced approximately one month apart with application of the training between sessions.

The total duration of the training depends upon your needs and circumstances. Each session has the following features:
  • Mix of analytical and teamwork content
  • Exercises for application of content
  • Simulations for reinforcement
  • Application exercises using real-life client problems or issues
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