Waste Chasers — A Pocket Companion To Quality & Productivity

Waste Chasers provide the tools and concepts that help you to grow profitably by identifying, quantifying, and eliminating waste, and they do it in a convenient, pocket-sized format. Written by the staff of Conway Management Company, Waste Chasers help you solve technical and human problems encountered on the path to excellence.

The theories and methodologies can be applied to all work processes — selling, marketing, R&D, finance, accounting, manufacturing — anywhere in your business where work is performed.

Some of the topics covered include:
  • turning data into meaningful information using simple charting techniques
  • the impact of variation on products, services, processes, costs, deliveries, etc.
  • how to study the work that's being done in order to improve it, and how to add value to your work from your customers' standpoint
  • how to use resources to achieve real and significant improvement
  • understanding and working with the customer/supplier chain
  • techniques that can be used to eliminate unnecessary work
  • value analysis and engineering
  • implementing change using project teams, management directed projects, surveys
Waste Chasers
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(perfect bound, 134 pages)
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