“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”
  — Albert Einstein
  Our Continuous Improvement Tools workshops provide new and valuable insights into current situations and help you achieve breakthrough solutions.

Persistent problems cannot be solved by repeatedly using the same knowledge and insights.

During these interactive and dynamic training sessions, we’ll help you learn how to innovatively use classic problem-solving tools to examine current reality from a variety of different angles. We’ll use examples and a methodology for effectively using multiple tools to reveal more advanced insights and solutions, as in many cases no one tool will provide all the answers. When used in this fashion, these tools can also:
  • Show you how to innovatively use and interpret Pareto Charts to explore ideas about possible causes
  • Illustrate ways to use Process Mapping to spot and quantify the waste and trace it to the primary cause
  • Enable you to use Cause and Effect Diagramming to stretch beyond initial ideas about possible root causes
  • Show you how Histograms can be used to provide new insights into the dynamics of process performance
  • Make strategic use of Run Charts to understand current process performance and distinguish between random variation and special causes
  • Help you use data from Scatter Diagrams in a way that clarifies the importance of possible causal factors on results measurements
  • Show you how to use Affinity Diagrams to find breakthrough ideas and natural relationships among the data
  • Help you use Priority Matrices to consider alternatives and identify the right things to work on
  • Use Interrelationship Digraphs to visually demonstrate the relationship among factors—causal factors (drivers) vs. symptoms so that you get the most leverage on interventions
  Available in a variety of formats and tool combinations, please contact us for more information.
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