The Right Way to Manage© is a system of the study, change and improvement of all work and work processes. Organizations must continually change, improve and innovate their work processes and systems if they are to successfully compete in the marketplace.

The Right Way To Manage© helps you build a shared understanding of the mindset and tools to study, change and improve work which is essential to developing and sustaining a culture of improvement.

The Right Way to Manage© Workshop provides leaders at all levels with an understanding of the principles, concepts, methodology and tools of continuous improvement. This workshop presents key topics for the Improvement System so that participants have individual and collective enthusiasm and understanding of:
  • Why continuous improvement
  • The importance of alignment and common purpose
  • How to identify the “vital few” where you must excel
  • How to build commitment
  • The concepts of work and work processes, value added work and the principles of work redesign
  • Measurement and the analysis of variation
  • How to identify, quantify and prioritize waste of time, capital, material and lost opportunity
  • How to use teams and teamwork to study and improve work
  • The Conway 8-Step Methodology to eliminate waste
  • Continuous improvement tools
  • Infrastructure and leadership actions essential to developing a sustainable system of improvement
  Available in a variety of formats, please contact us for more information on continuous improvement training.
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