The Quality Secret: The Right Way To Manage©
   By Bill Conway

The story that changed the world….The Quality Secret is the true story of a Fortune 500 CEO who started a new way of thinking that caused a metamorphosis in the Western business world. It's the story of Bill Conway, and how his system The Right Way To Manage© has been used to transform organizations through the study, change, and improvement of work.

The Quality Secret: The Right Way To Manage© helps organizations to simultaneously achieve high quality and low costs through a continual, pervasive effort to identify, quantify, and eliminate waste in all work and work processes. The Right Way To Manage© employs imagineering, variation, team building, human relations and simple charting techniques, all to consistently yield high quality products or services that meet or exceed customer requirements, while providing products and services at the lowest total cost.
Learn about how Bill Conway significantly helped his organization through Management Directed Programs.
The Quality Secret
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(Hardcover, 216 pages)
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