2/3 of Change Efforts Fail !

  Effective leadership is about driving change. The ability to anticipate, lead and manage change is a critical indicator of organizational success.

Change does not “just happen.” It takes place when leaders at all levels see opportunities and get others to share their passion about what can be accomplished.
Strong leaders provide the initial and ongoing energy for change. Without strong leadership, most change efforts will fail. Making speeches, declaring a new mission or vision and handing out short-term rewards alone will not cut it; management must advocate, lead and support change. People will only follow leaders if they trust them, if they see the need for change and if they are involved in creating the change. Change is brought about by a combination of strong leadership, human relations systems, beliefs, values and cultural practices. They are the true catalysts to sustained change and improvement.

A Proven Way to Bring About Sustained Change
Thinking that people will make profound changes in their thinking and behavior after just a 2-day workshop is not realistic.

Leaders must get personally involved in sponsoring, leading and implementing change.
Sense of Urgency
Assemble Group
Develop & Communicate
Empower People
Quick Results
Lock in Gains
A Way of Life
  The Right Way To Manage© goes well beyond the 2-day workshop approach; it is a new way of thinking, talking and acting…every day. It is a successful change model because: it involves the people affected — they help define the opportunity and develop a project plan to deliver results.
  • it is easy to understand
  • it produces measurable results
  • it builds effective teamwork
  • it delivers results in weeks or months, not years
  • it does not require a large investment in technology
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