One of Bill Conway’s favorite sayings is, “The most important business decision people make every day, is deciding what to work on….”

Conway Management’s The Right Way To Manage© system helps answer the questions:

  • What should we work on?
  • What do we do now? What do we do next?
  • How do we go about it?
  What processes do you use to decide what to work on? How do you prioritize? How do you increase alignment?

We have developed a rigorous yet flexible methodology that:
  • Identifies and prioritizes problems and opportunities
  • Uses root cause analysis to find fundamental solutions
  • Establishes a follow-up system to assure that the processes, once fixed, stay fixed.
  To move to a system of ongoing continuous improvement requires that organizations develop the right mindset and use the right language and tools every day, in all their activities. That is a major culture change for most organizations.

Once people know what to work on, the question becomes which tools and methods will help you achieve your goals. With our vast experience in a variety of industries, cultures and countries, we work with you to identify those methods and teach you to build your skills so that you can apply those methods and tools to future problems and opportunities. We teach you work improvement.

We assess your readiness for change, help you identify the right things to work on and how to grow profitably bringing energy, enthusiasm and expertise to each engagement.
“The right way to achieve process improvement is through the core activity of identifying, quantifying and eliminating waste. This activity, when done on a continuous basis by people educated in the use of the tools of process improvement, will bring higher and higher quality at lower and lower costs and can result in a world-class operation. That’s The Right Way To Manage©." — Bill Conway
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