“It's easier to think outside the box when you are outside the box”
  With a Conway Organizational Assessment, you’ll achieve more rapid breakthroughs and learn to streamline improvement initiatives. We help you focus on two critical things — the only two things that really matter:
  • Working on the right things
  • Working on the right things in the right way
  And unless you get the first right, how you work on things won’t make as much difference.

An objective Organizational Assessment provides an excellent springboard for your organization’s next wave or first wave of improvement. It will help you think differently about your options and opportunities.
  Opportunity Matrix
  We’ll develop an Opportunity Matrix to identify breakthrough ideas that only an outside perspective can uncover. Our highly experienced business and process improvement experts will immerse themselves for several days in your operations to learn about current reality. We will:
  • Interview and listen to people at all levels of the organization
  • Gather and study facts and data
  • Watch the work flow to identify the bottlenecks and eddies
  • Search expansively for opportunities and focus analytically on metrics and methods
  • Summarize and present a comprehensive report of findings as well as the best opportunities
  We bring the experience, creativity, and objectivity to find the opportunities that may otherwise lie buried for years in your day-to-day operations. It is easiest to “think outside the box” when you are “outside the box.” Assessing progress when you are in the box is often difficult.

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