Chasing The Waste Out Of Sales

The largest waste or opportunity in most commercial and industrial organizations is the lost gross margin that results from lost sales, sub-optimal pricing, excessive costs, and unnecessary costs in the sales and marketing processes. We developed Chasing The Waste Out Of Sales to help every organization to create a high performing culture that produces increased sales dollars.

Chasing The Waste Out Of Sales explains tools and techniques that will make real differences in your bottom line. This is not just another selling guide; it's not a "how-to" book on prospecting, or territory management, or even negotiating and closing skills. It's the first and only book available to teach those in customer-oriented and management positions how to collect and analyze key data, share the information on a macro level, study and improve processes, and make the changes in your organization that count.
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Chasing The Waste Out Of Sales
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(perfect bound, 166 pages)
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