Founded in 1983 by Bill Conway, Conway Management Company is an international management consulting firm that has consistently helped organizations around the world dramatically improve business performance.

We have developed simple but powerful team-oriented, fact-based ways to help you identify major improvement opportunities and to bring about significant and sustainable gains in revenue generation, product development, operations and the customer supplier chain.

The result is a better bottom line and stronger competitive position.
  Results Delivered — Time After Time
  We have a long track record of delivering results. Customers calculate that the payback from our work ranges between 4: 1 and 10: 1 in the first year alone. Although some improvements are one-time, many others continue on, year after year.
  Why customers choose Conway?
  • Our focus is on implementation, not on writing reports.
  • We deliver measurable results within a few months.
  • We transfer knowledge and skills so that our customers become more self-sufficient, build ownership of the work and keep costs down.
  • Each of our consultants is highly experienced, with at least 20 years of relevant background. We do not use junior people.
  • We help you grow profitably.
  • Our methodologies are simple to understand and apply and are applicable to a wide variety of projects and improvement objectives.
  • Our approach does not require an army of consultants.
  • We help you build an infrastructure for improvement.
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