While identifying the right things to work on is a critical decision you must make each day, you must also have the right people with the knowledge and skills working on the right things if you are to truly achieve breakthrough solutions.
  Our methodology will yield an objective overview of your employees’ capabilities, strengths and needs. You will know both the strengths to build on and improvement areas for training and coaching.
  Assessment Methods
  As part of the employee capability assessment process, we’ll use a strategic mixture of one-on-one and small group interviews to cover a diagonal cross-section of your organization. We will talk with key people who manage and work in various areas, and seek to understand how the strengths in your organization can form the basis for the creation of a systemic continuous improvement process.

We will go to the work and observe and analyze people’s understanding as well as use of measurements, tools and charts to track progress, problems and opportunities. We review relevant documentation, and generally talk with people about the organization, how they are treated and valued, and we’ll assess their level of engagement.
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