A project team without a sponsor is like a baseball team without a manager.
  The root causes of poor team performance are often a direct result of actions taken, or not taken, by the sponsor. Sponsors are senior leaders who have the interest and authority to provide the means, resources and guidance necessary for a team or project to succeed.
  Sponsor Workshop
  This dynamic, hands-on workshop provides both the hard and soft skills you’ll need to understand and fulfill the sponsor role. Effective sponsorship throughout a project helps to ensure that the project achieves the organization’s goals.
  Customized to the needs and experience of the organization and participants, this workshop includes a strategic combination of presentation and interactive exercises. Self-assessment, feedback and skillful group discussion personalize the learning experience and enhance transfer to the workplace.
  Typical topics include:
  • The team charter and the sponsor’s role in chartering and developing teams
  • Getting the team off to a strong start
  • How to link the work of teams to strategic objectives
  • Guiding the team through the process improvement methodology: behaviors, tools and methods
  • Empowering the team: how to maintain your accountability while enabling the team to act
  • Identifying causes of poor team performance and developing appropriate interventions and corrective actions
  • How to use your organizational power to enhance teams’ success
  • Celebrating and rewarding success
  • Accumulating lessons learned for organizational learning
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