Coaching is a process to help anyone improve personal commitment and performance so that the organization’s business goals are met. It means making changes in the behaviors which prevent individuals and the people with whom they work, from achieving the needed results.

This workshop is designed for executives, managers or other leaders who need to influence the behaviors of others to achieve results. Leaders who are good coaches have been shown to achieve better results, faster because:

  • Employee goals are aligned with those of the organization
  • Employees accomplish more than they ever thought possible, by developing higher levels fo confidence and competence
  • Leaders are in a better position to diagnose situations and take prompt corrective action
  The workshop uses a situational approach so that participants learn to accurately diagnose what is happening and then select the appropriate coaching process.

Typical topics include:
  • The why and how of coaching
  • Sequence of coaching steps
  • The three types of coaching situations
  • Active listening
  • Giving feedback
  • Dealing with conflict and emotions
  • The personal 9-step methodology
  • Personal action planning
  The workshop time is 8 hours which is ideally split between two 4-hour segments several weeks apart.
  Please contact us for more information or to schedule a workshop.
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