“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”
  — Albert Einstein
  Many organizations use a “bottom up” approach to improvement and achieve great results and increase employee engagement. But whether or not an organization uses a top down or bottom up approach, the goal is to have improvement initiatives cascading up and down the organization. Continuous Improvement in Daily Work helps organizations make improvement a way of life in work groups throughout the organization.

This 1-day workshop is for everyone in a given department — manager, supervisors and employees. The principles are:
  • For improvement to take place, there must be clear accountabilities for each person in the department
  • There must be agreed upon ways to measure performance
  • Establish performance measures and targets
  • Confirm the purpose of the department and make sure that everyone in the department as well as the suppliers and customers of the department understand the purpose
  • There must be clear priorities and goals, which creates alignment and common goals
  • There must be consequences (good and bad) to reinforce accountability
  • As much as possible, any training should be led by department supervisors. We provide training to make your department supervisors more capable

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