As “keepers of the process”, facilitators partner with the team to enhance their effectiveness, with the goal of transferring their skills to the team. The best facilitators are able to help teams accelerate the accomplishment of their objectives, minimize wasted time and effort, run effective meetings and maximize organizational learning.
  The Conway Management Facilitator Workshops are designed to train people to help teams improve their effectiveness and speed to results. These customized sessions vary in length depending upon participants’ experience level and situation. Each workshop is designed to provide both the hard and soft skills necessary to develop or refine facilitation skills, and to bring about a comprehensive understanding of the facilitator’s role. These workshops are highly experiential and are built around simulations of actual meetings to provide hands-on experience in applying the concepts.
  Topics include:
  • Establishing and using ground rules
  • Effective decision making
  • Managing meetings
  • Group problem solving
  • Prevention and effective intervention
  • Effective listening
  • Process checks and feedback
  • Understanding personality differences
  Participants will learn how to:
  • Help teams determine the best way to eliminate waste
  • Help others to use the simple tools for data gathering and analysis
  • Help others use the Conway 8-Step Methodology for problem solving and process improvement
  • Identify and deal with the problems that teams frequently encounter
  • Provide basic coaching for individuals and teams
  • Identify and overcome barriers
  • Work with team leaders for maximum effectiveness
  Available in a variety of formats, please contact us for more information.
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