Nothing is more constant than change. Leaders who understand and embrace change provide the energy and drive for organizations to succeed. They are rarely caught flat-footed; they engage in honest and frequent dialogue and communication about change — the need, the vision and goals, the means, the measures and progress achieved,

Understanding & Enabling Change provides leaders with the guideposts for what they need to do as leaders to adapt to organizational change and to help others through the change process. This workshop is usually 1-2 days.

Typical topics for Understanding & Enabling Change are:

  • The drivers for change
  • Determining the types of change required: developmental, transitional or transformational
  • Understanding change and common personal responses to change
  • Models for leading change
  • Building on existing values and cultures
  • Action planning
  • Applying change models to an organization
  • Behaviors needed from the leader
  • Concepts, tools and methods to help people through the change process
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