“Leaders are the linking pins for organizational communications and effectiveness.”
  — John Beck, developer of the L4 System
  Help people build individual and team performance by developing their knowledge and skills to lead high performance teams.
  Using The L4 System™, you will learn the behaviors that leaders at all levels need in order to empower the people on their teams. You will learn the 4 leadership styles and specific ways to use the best combinations of styles with different people in varying situations, including:
  • How preferred leadership styles impact performance
  • How to use the full range of leadership styles to work with different individuals and teams for maximum effectiveness
  • How to use the styles to help groups get focused
  • How to develop and use clear guidelines to build and maintain high performing teams
  360° Feedback — Participants receive 360° feedback through the use of the L4 Self and Other Leadership Style Assessments. They receive feedback from peers, managers and direct reports about the leadership styles they think they use, the styles they actually use, and the styles that would make them most effective.
  Performance Contracting is the process for inviting team members to ask for the support they need to perform to the best of their ability. Participants learn how to use leadership styles to orchestrate a group’s dynamics, and to use the power of the group to enhance individual and team performance.
  Key Concepts include:
  • Learn how to use the L4 System as a diagnostic tool for increasing managerial effectiveness
  • Identify the behaviors that define the four most commonly used leadership styles
  • Use L4 Self and L4 Other Leadership Style Assessments to identify leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn Situational Analysis and Performance Contracting structures for using The L4 Systems to achieve individual excellence
  • Understand how to use leadership styles to create effective group dynamics
  • Use distributed leadership to enhance team effectiveness
  • Understand how to use The Leader’s Window for integrating individual performance and cohesive group dynamics into a high performance team
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