Our Lean Office Workshop can help you gain profound breakthroughs in quality, speed and volume of throughput in your office operations.
  This hands-on workshop is organized around a real office simulation that illustrates the Seven Wastes in Office Processes and shows you exactly how to gain dramatically faster throughput by redesigning the office operations with lean principles. After learning these key principles, you will then work in teams to redesign the work, re-run the simulation, and measure the exciting results!
  Methods taught include:
  • Identifying the nuggets of “value” among the Seven Wastes in Office Processes
  • Calculating the waste-to-value ratio
  • “Office 5S” techniques that streamline both the physical office and the virtual workspace of forms and documents
  • Group technology concepts that revolutionize traditional cross-training approaches
  • Visual Management
  • Quality at the Source
  • Mistake-Proofing instead of inspection and rework
  • Using kanbans to improve flow in service or office processes
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