In this workshop, we teach you how to create a value stream of your own work process. Working with participants selected from all areas of the process to be mapped, you’ll learn methods and techniques of value stream mapping, and learn to look at your own work processes in an entirely different way!
  • Learn how each piece of your work affects the processes downstream
  • Internalize how much effort is expended all along the way to cope with non-conformance, misalignment of priorities, and poorly defined specifications, and other waste
  • Identify where the time goes and where and how the value leaks out of the flow
  • See what the process would look like if everything were right
  • Determine what is causing the biggest gaps between perfection and current reality
  Engaging the experts in the process and others all along the value chain, this workshop helps you to develop a map of your value stream, add data and measurements, and categorize the activities to identify the waste and analyze the root causes. Most importantly, it will help you “see” the work and your role in a whole new way.
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