The Conway Model for 5S training is “Learn and Do”. The Conway Learn & Do 5S Workshop consists of a 2-day workshop, beginning with the theory and mechanics of 5S. 5S is a methodology for improving productivity by developing and maintaining a well-organized workplace.
  5S stands for:
  • Sorting — identifying anything that is not needed to do the job
  • Simplifying — making it easy to find what is needed
  • Sweeping — developing ways to make sure that everything is in its proper location and that items stay where they belong
  • Standardizing — establishing and documenting common practices
  • Self-discipline — sustaining 5S by getting everyone to carry out the foregoing without being told
  We’ll use hands-on applications in the work area (plant, office, etc.) to drive home the learning elements and provide a model for future activity. This course demonstrates what 5S is, how to implement all 5 elements in an organization and calculate the ROI.
  Key concepts include:
  • Understanding the 5 elements of 5S
  • How to create a successful 5S culture
  • Using the tools and techniques for a successful launch
  • The keys to successful attainment and retention
  • A real hands-on implementation of the 5S principles in a work area of the organization
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