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  One of the difficulties in trying to build and sustain a culture of ongoing improvement is the need to provide initial and refresher training for both senior leaders and associates. Many organizations find the prospect of providing such widespread training, no matter how badly needed, to be daunting! People ask:
  • How do we do it?
  • How do we make sure the training is consistent?
  • How do we release people from their "regular jobs" when they are already busier than ever?
  Perhaps your organization has already succeeded in providing training to everyone, but it's been awhile and everyone could use a refresher. Or maybe you need help making sure new employees are trained on Continuous Improvement so that they can contribute to your culture of improvement.
  Here's an opportunity to improve every part of your business, whether you work in sales & marketing, administration, customer service, logistics, production or R & D.
  The Conway E-Learning Series is a low cost and effective way for everyone to learn the concepts of Continuous Improvement and to apply them to their work.
  Everyone can learn at their own pace at their own convenience.
  We now offer three courses to get you and your organization started on their e-learning journey!
1. Overview of the Right Way to Manage© — provides the knowledge and training to help you think strategically and tactically to make better decisions about your work and work processes, and on how to do that work. This is the first step toward becoming a world class organization!
2. How to Identify Waste — learn how to use three different methods for identifying the four forms of waste, and develop a comprehensive list of waste examples in your organization. Then you can use this list to help you prioritize and focus your improvement efforts.
3. Deciding What to Work On — There are always more opportunities for improvement than the resources to do them; it is worth the time and effort to evaluate and prioritize those opportunities which will yield the best results. This course will guide you through a systematic and transparent method for selecting what to work on so that your organization is "working on the right things."
  For more information, visit Conway Management E-learning Center ( to access a free preview and review course descriptions and curriculum.
Conway Management
E-learning Center
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